Electricity For Your Business

Electricity For Your Business

Keeping It Simple For Your Small Business.

Choosing a safe and reliable electric plan for your small business should be simple, but many suppliers make their offers difficult to understand and often what you end up with is nothing like you expected. With Trident Power, not only will we provide you with some of the most competitive electricity rates in your service area, we'll make the switching process easy for you.

Find Your Fix.

We know that in order to be the best, we must provide the best energy options to both our new customers and already loyal customers alike.


Many customers enjoy the cost certainty and predictability of our fixed rate plans. Fixed price plans are available in all of our service areas and are a popular choice for people who prefer to fix the supply portion of their electricity bill. A fixed price plan guarantees you the same price rate every month for the duration of the entire term of your contract. This can save you money and offer price protection if the price of electricity supply were to increase.


Variable price plans come with less price certainty and security than a fixed plan because your monthly rate is subject to increase or decrease as the market for electricity supply rates changes. Customers on variable price plans may see a benefit when the market value of electricity is lower, where as fixed rate customers are on a consistent fixed rate. If market prices spike due to extremely cold winters or extrem heat conditions, your rate will likely go up.

If you're not sure which option would best fit your needs, give us a call.

Our team would be happy to make recommendations based on your budget preferences and usage habits. To view all of our electricity price plans, enter your zip code below and click the button View Rates Now!

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Residential Business

Reliable and Competitive

Are you looking for a company that will work with your business to help lower your rates and give you the most reliable support in the industry? We are a support first company that makes sure your rates are competitive while you never stress about your service.

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Customized Business Pricing

If you are a larger business that has multiple location, or uses over 250,000 kilowatt-hours per year, Trident Power is here to help. Click the link below to fill out are Business Quote form and one of our agents will contact you as soon as possible.

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