About Us

About Us

Trident Power is an electricity and natural gas retail supplier serving most major utility markets in New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania. The company is licensed to provide retail electricity and natural gas to both residential and small business consumers throughout these states. In additional to providing low cost competitive electricity and natural gas service, Trident Power is also a leader in affordable 100% renewable, green energy.

Trident Power’s management team has been operating in the deregulated retail energy markets since 1996. Trident Power’s corporate headquarters are located in Houston, Texas.

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Residential Business

Experience That Counts

Trident Power management is made up of some of the most experienced veterans in the market. Our seasoned team is well versed in managing supply and risk in the volatile energy markets of the northeast so our customers can enjoy safe and reliable power and gas at an affordable price.

High Level of Support

Everyone loves great service. Really good service doesn't happen often though, as most companies send you out of the country or put you into a long queue. Trident Power has educated, highly trained customer support reps that will focus on your request and will solve it.

Where We Are Located

Two Briar Lake Plaza Complex

2050 W Sam Houston Pkwy S, Suite 1740

Houston, TX 77042

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