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Residential Business

Electricity Plans

Trident offers a mix of energy products, ranging from both short term and long term fixed price contracts to variable plans. If you're looking for price certainty for the future months, enroll with Trident Power on a fixed-term offer. If you don't want to lock in your rate, check out our monthly variable rate and ride the market when prices are low. Click here to take a look at what we're offering in your area.


Natural Gas Plans

Trident Power offers several natural gas plans because we believe flexibility is key. Do you prefer a short term 3-month plan, or would you rather lock in your rate for 24 months? Check it out.


Renewable Plans

Trident Power offers renewable and clean gas energy products to all our customers and potential customers. Do your part to contribute to the earth's environment with just a small premium on your already low rate. We have several competitively priced offers that will contribute to keeping the air clean. Click here and take a peek!


Trident Power is a new kind of energy company

Trident Power offers competitive rates and superior customer service!

Residential Focus

Many of Trident Power's energy plans are intended for residential housing of all sizes and heating type.

Gas for Your Home

With Trident Powers’ natural gas service, competitive rates can be available to you in a matter of minutes. Come join us!

Reliable Service

Our #1 goal is to provide you with “best-in-class" customer support, which is hard for larger and highly corporate companies to achieve. This level of service is one of our highest priority and commitments to our customers.

Renewable Energy

Our focus is savings but we also focus on providing you a way to help save more than just money. Learn more about our programs.

Business Savings

Trident has several small business energy plans that will help your business save money on energy costs immediately.

Affiliate Program

Trident has many strong partners who work with us to help customers in all our markets. If you want to join our team, click here.

About Trident Power

Proudly Servicing Your Energy Needs Trident Power is focused on providing competitive energy products and best-in-class customer service.

Trident Power’s management team brings over 25 years of combined experience in the deregulated retail energy markets. Our customers can be confident in choosing a safe and reliable supplier with Trident Power.

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Bundle your natural gas and electricity for an even greater discount!

Trident Power offers a new way to save with its "bundled" energy plans. When you review our offers, be sure to check out the bundling opportunities for additional savings!

“The service has been stellar. The rate was excellent at the time even though the rates did drop down a bit after I signed. However, they told me about "blending and extending". If you are coming out of contract soon, ask their agents about that, it will save you money.”
Ronny Skoritz
“The only reason I gave Trident a 4-star review is that I would never give ANY energy company a 5-Star review! However, I must say, this has been the most pleasant experience I have ever had with an energy company. They really answered my questions and helped guide me where I needed it. That's all I really want and they delivered for sure.”
Marilyn von Wicker
“I saved a lot of money. I can feel it in my wallet and compare it on my bill. To be honest, that's all I cared about and I'm saving money so kudos to you Trident.”
Ronald McMichaels
“As an older man, living on my own, I needed some assistance with this deregulation stuff. I had a wonderful conversation with a support person named Allison. She was very nice and helpful which was surprising to me because they never seem to be. I got signed up and I'm now a happy customer.”
Ken Leong
“I was with another company and didn't feel like I was saving anything. I am a med student that currently needs to count my pennies and Trident was the first company that began to really show me how to do that.”
Pendal Shupal
“I am a mother of three small children whose husband is currently in the military. I found Trident Power on a google search and decided to read more about them. I liked what I read and so I took the jump. Let me tell you, I wish I had known about them earlier as I have never had such a pleasant time switching my provider. I've spoken to several reps at Trident and all of them have been so nice.”
Melanie Miller
“First, my real name is Paul Bunyon so please don't think this is fake feedback. Second, I wanted to send a thank you to Trident Management to let them know how pleased I was with the amazing service and the true savings I am now receiving. A lot of companies talk but you guys really walk the walk. Thank you.”
Paul Bunyon
“I'm a shopper. I find it hard to believe that so many energy companies hide things in the fine print and expect nobody to notice. I'm going to shout it out to all my friends... Trident Power is for real. They don't hide anything from the customer and you will actually save money! What an amazing concept! Honest energy company? Trident is the only one I know.”
Kathleen Adlawan
“The first time I found Trident, they did not have the lowest price. I signed up with another company and all those great promises did not come to fruition. So when my contract was up, I found Trident again because I liked their message and their approach. I didn't care about price shopping as long as it was competitive. I now know it was the right decision.”
Allen Henderson

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